Voiceworks is a national, quarterly magazine that features exciting new writing by young Australian writers. The theme of issue #93 is "Cell".

Be reminded of the variety of interpretations in a single word and the raw nerves worth articulating. In these pages you’ll find roadtrips that are less On the Road and instead rooted in activism. You’ll be fascinated and horrified by the stuff we can do with stem cells and read challenges to Australia’s conservational apathy, a country that’s stereotyped by our weird native wildlife. There is a circus, home to the bearded-lady’s son.

Katie Parrish’s deft and beautifully drawn comic will cut you to the quick. Sleeping in a car seems like the most comfortable place in ‘Deception Bay’. Fregmonto Stokes’s depictions of cutting a turkey’s throat can stir a shudder in even the most dedicated lover of poultry. Short on prison stories, but brimming with insight into other ways we are restricted and where to go from here #93 ‘Cell’ will stick with you. We promise.

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    Language: English / Published: 06 July 2013


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