Voiceworks #91 'Equals’

Edited by Kat Muscat

Voiceworks is a national, quarterly publication featuring exciting new fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art from young Australian writers. The theme of issue #91 is 'Equals'.

You speak to twins in palindromes. The Gemini, egg-born brothers feed on honeycomb and treacle. Come, they say, cremate gingerbread men in communal ovens. Help build giant theme parks for people in wheelchairs. Panic marches round your heart, until courage spikes through drum-skin.

You had this same feeling once. It was when you kissed a member of the same sex for the first or last time-the force of it broke apart tall buildings, defied all mathematical equations. Afterwards you balanced on seesaws, watched everyone filing past wearing nothing but black and white and grey. It’s an ideal, your lover said. It’s everyone or no one at all.

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  • young writers fiction nonfiction voiceworks express media australia poetry visual art
    Language: English / Published: 17 December 2012


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