Voiceworks #89 Space

Edited by Kat Muscat

Voiceworks is a national, quarterly magazine that features exciting new writing by young Australian writers. The theme of issue 89 is 'Space'.

'Space’ is charting unexplored territory like a TIE fighter. We’ve been collecting stories and art from bright young stars, and saved the treasure inside this R2 unit - no wait, magazine.

This issue features the ensuing struggle when a bear crashes on Dominic Stevenson’s couch. Charlie Lane is Avoiding Sex with Allen Ginsberg again while his friends play cards in the next room. We interview the nerdtastic comedian Ben McKenzie. There’s stellar art from Marisa Lai, Katja Mouvlin, Jr. Blue and html flowers, and heaps more.

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  • NYWFeFair
    Language: English / Published: 10 September 2012


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