Voiceworks #88 'Translate'

Edited by Johannes Jakob

Voiceworks is a national, quarterly magazine that features exciting new writing by young Australian writers. The theme of issue 88 is themed 'Translate'.

Voiceworks #88 ‘Translate’ is like a phrasebook that helps you negotiate our own culture. It’s full of the very best writing by young Australians so that you can convert your literacy into insight and enjoyment.

This issue features Tyler the Creator’s plan to scare old white people in middle America, explanations on what it’s like having a Bitchface, offensive tattoos designed to score the girl with the Holden ute from Armidale, divine graffiti appearing in a dustbowl, and lots more.

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  • Voiceworks young writers translate express media poetry fiction non-fiction art
    Language: English / Published: 18 June 2013


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