Voiceworks #86 - 'V'

Edited by Johannes Jakob

Voiceworks 86 is brought to you by the letter V. This issue holds more of the freshest, best and most ambitious words by young Australian writers. Voiceworks 86 V is ready for you to love it, and for you to feel loved by it.

Kaya Ra Edwards tells of skipping stones in the ocean with an earless girl. Maree Railton follows the migratory youth of a disappeared porn-starlet. Kate Cantrell tells a story about a sea witch that lives beneath the drain of a pool and drowns a sister. Mitchel Brannan delivers four freedom strategies without reverence. Stacey Teague pretends to be a waterfall, making gentle swooshing sounds, then violent swooshing sounds. Ainslee Meredith: Tell this to Elsdyret, elk in the forest, salt-lipped in self-preservation.

We have the winning story from Write Across Victoria 2011. We’re in conversation with Rebecca Starford and Zora Sanders about the new Stella Prize and the state of women’s writing. There’s beautiful artwork from Sam Pash. More poetry by Brendan McDougall, Elizabeth Beaton, Caitlin Still, Amber Beilharz, SJ Finch and Helen Brake. Even more fiction from Matt Young, Benjamin Hurley, Rihana Ries, Simon McNamee, Elizabeth Tan, Jessica Stone and Sophie Overett.

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  • young writers v voiceworks express media poetry fiction nonfiction visual art
    Language: English / Published: 18 June 2013


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