A recluse lives in a mountain cabin above a lakeside tourist town. Acquitted of the brutal murder of her parents, she remains guilty in the eyes of the town. Shut away from their fear and anger, her world is reduced to the landscape around her: the mist across the mountains, the sway of bayonet grass, the clear cry of a falcon. And above all the lake—its colours and rhythms, the answers it seems to hold.

But one night a young woman arrives on her porch. A stranger to the town, Hannah doesn’t know the stories told about this outcast. A romance blossoms. But the recluse’s violent past won’t stay buried, Hannah unearths memories of shadows and blood. Amid dark cellars and crisp ski runs, rushing water in grottoes and whiskey by firelight, a call rises from the deep of the lake.


‘Deeply unsettling, Murray’s prose is luminous.’ Romy Ash

‘Elisabeth Murray’s imagery gleams from dark places, an invitation into intimate secrets. An exquisite debut.’ Jennifer Mills


Elisabeth Murray is a writer from Sydney, currently studying at the University of Sydney. Her writing has appeared in 
Voiceworksdotdotdash and University of Sydney anthologies.

The Loud Earth was inspired by travels to New Zealand in midsummer and the USA in midwinter, including getting lost in the labyrinthine basement of a Boston church.


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  • literary fiction suspense New Zealand novella
    Language: English / Published: 01 May 2014


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