Best of Express 2012

Edited by Johannes Jakob and Ruby Mahoney

Another year, another collection of incredibly talented young writers.

2012 is the second year we have collated this here Best of Express ebook, featuring some of the best young writers we published throughout the year.

Like 2011, the standard of the work is exceptional. Writers from our publications, including Buzzcuts, Voiceworks, The Signal Express and The Under Age are featured alongside competition winners from Write Across Victoria and the John Marsden Prize for Young Australian Writers.

In all cases, the writing featured here was drawn from hundreds of submissions from around the country. We continue to be blown away by not just the number of young writers who submit to us every year, but the quality of the submissions.

As was the case last year, what is presented here is but a taste of the great work young writers are doing across the country. Selecting these few was a torturous process, marked by disagreements and peppered with impassioned pleas from all of the judges for their favourites.

So while we know you’ll enjoy the work in Best of Express 2012, we’d strongly encourage you to check out all of the publications we’ve drawn these samples from. You can find out information on all of them at

 Happy reading.

You'll get:
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    Language: English / Published: 20 June 2013


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